Random Pokémon Generator

Random Pokémon Generator tool generates random Pokémon by region, type, and more. It’s a free and easy to use tool for pokemon lovers to get their desire pokemon or they can explore more through this generator. So generate and pick your pokemon.

What is Random Pokémon Generator?

Pokémon is one of the most popular and most played games across the globe. Millions of people have downloaded it and spent hours in finding their favourite Pokémon’s. Pokemon has now introduced a new feature where you get to pick your own Pokemon based on a specific type. This is a really great chance for the gamers to have their favourite Pokemons with them.

Random Pokémon Generator is for the hardcore Pokémon fans who wants to create different pokémons. We hope that it will help you remember all the pokémons faster and easier. The random Pokemon generator is specially for the users who are passionate about getting their own random pokemon which is unique in many ways. With the help of these tools you can create as many pokémons as you want. You can also generate random legendary pokémons and random pokémon types or a team of your own.

This tool helps and guides the players to remember all the names correctly and make a perfect strategy to make the gameplay more fun and engaging. Pokemons that are not fully evolved, also commonly known as NFE pokemons can be generated along with the above mentioned legendary pokemons. Remembering pokémons will be easier. This will also help you in finding the correct strategies for playing the game and finding new pokémons. After getting your random pokemons you can play Pokemon Smash or Pass game to know your choice better.

How to use random pokemon generator?  

  • Enter “The Number Of Pokemon” you want.
  • Enter the type of pokemon you want, also the pokedex. (For random pokemons leave this box empty).
  • If you want to add legendary pokemons or NFE pokemons, check the boxes given to you.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Generate’ button to start the process.

Now, let the tool do it’s work and you will be getting a randomly generated pokemon as the result.

If you are thinking that only the most known names will come up on this generator then you are completely wrong. Infact, this generator allows you to have your preferred Pokemon in seconds.

You can use this random pokemon generator as many times as you want until you get your desired Pokemon. Remember that the results may differ for different team preferences.

Also, you can save the team by clicking on the “Save Results” button once you are satisfied with the outcome. Share it with your friends via the URL link provided. If generator takes more time to load, or load pokemons after a long delay, You should check your internet speed through tm speed test. It might your internet connection issue.


Find your random and custom Pokemons with this random pokemon generator in no time. You can also modify the search results on the basis of region and type of a Pokemon.


What is a pokedex?

In the pokemon world pokedex is a digital encyclopedia that gives you information about the habitat, activities, anatomy and history of a pokemon.

Which is the hardest pokemon to catch?

Original Color Magearna is the toughest pokemon to catch.